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World Cup Meringue Cake

So called because we had this for dinner whilst watching the final of the 2007 Rugby World Cup.  My husband is South African so clearly this was a night for some rejoicing and this cake has ever after been associated … Continue reading

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Feta and Spinach Parcel and a couple more make ahead tips…

As you know in the run up to last Christmas I had pretty much packed my freezer in order than I might make it out of the kitchen from time to time!   On Christmas Eve a few things came … Continue reading

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Do ahead Christmas tips and Spiced Cherries in Bacon

I read something recently about preparation for Christmas being over-rated.  Hhhm, I thought, not written by someone who has to squeeze the buying, wrapping, cooking and all other prep into an already busy life and actually wants to spend some … Continue reading

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Firecracker Red Cabbage and Sausages

It took me a while to come around to Guy Fawkes night as a child.  I found the whole Guy business both slightly mad and macabre.  Firstly because they always looked like a giant pair of tights stuffed with old … Continue reading

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